Welcome to Cactus Wiki, the free cacti identification wiki.


We are building a cacti identification wiki, a resource that helps cactus enthusiasts to identify their cactus plants and to learn more about them.

Ideally one should be able to navigate to other plants with similar properties such as spine type, shape, flower color, etc as well as genus. This should help in identification. People can then avoid having to browse through long lists of irrelevant images, or post images on identification forums.

Relation to wikipediaEdit

Wikipedia already has articles for many cacti. The reason for making this wiki is that we need a means to navigate by phenotypes, in order to help in identification, a feature that is not the aim of an encyclopedia. To avoid duplicating lots of info from wikipedia, ideally the article for every species here should have only basic info that help in identification, and then external links to wikipedia articles and other pages.

e.g. To link to the wikipedia article for Echinopsis oxygona, enter {{MoreOnWikipedia|Echinopsis oxygona}}. This will show up like so:
Smallwikipedialogo.png Wikipedia has an article on Echinopsis oxygona.

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