Here is the full taxonomy of the family cactaceae.

Subfamily CactoideaeEdit

Tribe BrowningieaeEdit

synonyms: Azureocereus Akers & H.Johnson, Castellanosia Cárdenas, Gymnocereus Rauh & Backeb.
synonyms: Neocardenasia Backeb.

Tribe CacteaeEdit

synonyms: Anhalonium Lem., Neogomesia Castañeda, Neogomezia Buxb. (orth. var.), Roseocactus A.Berger, Stromatocactus Karw. ex Rümpler (nom. inval.)
synonyms: Astrophyton Lawr. (orth. var.), Maierocactus E.C.Rost
synonyms: Aulacothele Monv. (nom. inval.), Cumarinia Buxb., Glandulifera (Salm-Dyck) Fric, Lepidocoryphantha Backeb., Roseia Fric (nom. inval.)
synonyms: Brittonrosea Wikipedia:Speg., Echinofossulocactus Lawr., Homalocephala Britton & Rose
synonyms: Cochiseia Wikipedia:W.H.Earle, Escobesseya Wikipedia:Hester, Fobea Fric (nom. inval.), Neobesseya Britton & Rose
synonyms: Bisnaga Wikipedia:Orcutt, Brittonia Wikipedia:C.A.Armstr. (nom. inval.)
synonyms: Bartschella Britton & Rose, Cactus L., Chilita Orcutt, Cochemiea (Wikipedia:K.Brandegee) Wikipedia:Walton, Dolichothele (K.Schum.) Britton & Rose, Ebnerella Buxb., Haagea Fric, Krainzia Backeb., Lactomammillaria Fric (nom. inval.), Leptocladia Buxb., Leptocladodia Buxb., Mamillaria Wikipedia:F.Rchb. (orth. var.), Mamillopsis (Wikipedia:E.Morren) F.A.C.Weber ex Britton & Rose, Mammariella Wikipedia:Shafer (nom. inval.), Mammilaria Wikipedia:Torr. & Wikipedia:A.Gray (orth. var.), Neomammillaria Britton & Rose, Oehmea Buxb., Phellosperma Britton & Rose, Porfiria Boed., Pseudomammillaria Buxb., Solisia Britton & Rose
synonyms: Napina Fric (nom. inval.), Pseudosolisia Y.Itô (nom. inval.)
synonyms: Navajoa Wikipedia:Croizat, Pilocanthus Wikipedia:B.W.Benson & Backeb.
synonyms: Encephalocarpus A.Berger
synonyms: Ancistrocactus Britton & Rose, Coloradoa Wikipedia:Boissev. & Wikipedia:C.Davidson, Glandulicactus Backeb., Toumeya Britton & Rose
synonyms: Echinofossulocactus Britton & Rose, Efossus Orcutt (orth. var.)
synonyms: Hamatocactus Britton & Rose, Thelomastus Fric (nom. inval.)
synonyms: Gymnocactus Backeb., Normanbokea Wikipedia:Kladiwa & Buxb., Rapicactus Buxb. & Wikipedia:Oehme

Tribe CalymmantheaeEdit

synonyms: Diploperianthium F.Ritter (nom. inval.)

Tribe CereeaeEdit

synonyms: Mirabella F.Ritter, Piptanthocereus (A.Berger) Riccob., Subpilocereus Backeb.
synonyms: Floribunda F.Ritter
synonyms: Buiningia Wikipedia:Buxb.
synonyms: Cactus Britton & Rose
synonyms: Austrocephalocereus Backeb., Siccobaccatus Wikipedia:P.J.Braun & Wikipedia:Esteves
synonyms: Pilocereus K.Schum., Pseudopilocereus Buxb.

Tribe HylocereeaeEdit

synonyms: Aporocactus Lem., Aporocereus Fric & Wikipedia:Kreuz. (orth. var.), Bonifazia Wikipedia:Standl. & Wikipedia:Steyerm., Chiapasia Britton & Rose, Disisocactus Wikipedia:Kunze (orth. var.), Disocereus Fric & Kreuz. (orth. var.), Heliocereus (A.Berger) Britton & Rose, Lobeira Alexander, Mediocereus Fric & Kreuz. (orth. var.), Nopalxochia Britton & Rose, Pseudonopalxochia Backeb., Trochilocactus Linding., Wittia K.Schum., Wittiocactus Wikipedia:Rauschert
synonyms: Phyllocactus Link, Phyllocereus Wikipedia:Miq.
synonyms: Wilmattea Britton & Rose
synonyms: Cryptocereus Alexander, Deamia Britton & Rose, Marniera Backeb., Mediocactus Britton & Rose, Strophocactus Britton & Rose, Strophocereus Fric & Kreuz. (orth. var.)
synonyms: Eccremocactus Britton & Rose, Eccremocereus Fric & Kreuz. (orth. var.), Werckleocereus Britton & Rose

Tribe NotocacteaeEdit

synonyms: Pilocopiapoa F.Ritter
synonyms: Ceratistes Wikipedia:Labour. (nom. inval.), Chileniopsis Backeb., Chileocactus Fric (nom. inval.), Chileorebutia Fric (nom. inval.), Chiliorebutia Fric (orth. var.), Delaetia Backeb., Dracocactus Y.Itô (nom. inval.), Euporteria Kreuz. & Buining, Hildmannia Kreuz. & Buining, Horridocactus Backeb., Islaya Backeb., Neochilenia Backeb. ex Wikipedia:Dölz, Neoporteria Britton & Rose, Neoporteria Backeb., Neotanahashia Y.Itô, Nichelia Wikipedia:Bullock (nom. inval.), Pyrrhocactus (A.Berger) A.W.Hill, Rodentiophila F.Ritter ex Backeb., Thelocephala Y.Itô
synonyms: Philippicereus Backeb.
synonyms: Acanthocephala Backeb., Brasilicactus Backeb., Brasiliparodia F.Ritter, Brasilocactus Fric (nom. inval.), Chrysocactus Y.Itô (nom. inval.), Dactylanthocactus Y.Itô, Eriocactus Backeb., Eriocephala Backeb., Friesia Fric (nom. inval.), Hickenia Britton & Rose, Malacocarpus Salm-Dyck, Microspermia Fric, Neohickenia Fric, Notocactus (K.Schum.) Fric, Sericocactus Y.Itô, Wigginsia D.M.Porter

Tribe PachycereeaeEdit

synonyms: Dendrocereus Britton & Rose, Monvillea Britton & Rose
synonyms: Bergerocereus Fric & Kreuz. (orth. var.)
synonyms: Haseltonia Backeb., Neodawsonia Backeb., Pilocereus Lem.
synonym: Corryocereus Fric & Kreuz. (orth. var.), Erdisia Britton & Rose, Eulychnocactus Backeb. (nom. inval.)
synonyms: Morangaya Wikipedia:G.D.Rowley, Wilcoxia Britton & Rose
synonyms: Neoabbottia Britton & Rose

[= Myrtillocactus × Bergerocactus]

synonyms: Myrtillocereus Fric & Kreuz. (orth. var.)
synonyms: Pseudomitrocereus Bravo & Buxb., Rooksbya Backeb.

[= Pachycereus × Bergerocactus]

synonyms: Backebergia Bravo, Lemaireocereus Britton & Rose, Lophocereus (A.Berger) Britton & Rose, Marginatocereus (Backeb.) Backeb., Mitrocereus (Backeb.) Backeb., Pterocereus Wikipedia:T.MacDoug. & Miranda
synonyms: Cullmannia Wikipedia:Distefano, Neoevansia W.T.Marshall, Nyctocereus (A.Berger) Britton & Rose
synonyms: Chichipia Backeb. (nom. inval.), Heliabravoa Backeb.
synonyms: Hertrichocereus Backeb., Isolatocereus Backeb., Isolatocereus (Backeb.) Backeb., Machaerocereus Britton & Rose, Marshallocereus Backeb., Neolemaireocereus Backeb., Rathbunia Britton & Rose, Ritterocereus Backeb.

Tribe RhipsalideaeEdit

synonyms: Acanthorhipsalis (K.Schum.) Britton & Rose, Acanthorhipsalis Wikipedia:Kimnach, Pfeiffera Salm-Dyck
synonyms: Cassytha Mill., Erythrorhipsalis A.Berger, Hariota Wikipedia:Adans., Lymanbensonia Kimnach
synonyms: Epiphyllopsis Backeb. & F.M.Knuth, Hariota DC., Pseudozygocactus Backeb., Rhipsalidopsis Britton & Rose
synonyms: Epiphyllanthus A.Berger, Epiphyllum Pfeiff., Opuntiopsis Wikipedia:Knebel (nom. inval.), Zygocactus K.Schum., Zygocereus Fric & Kreuz. (orth. var.)

Tribe TrichocereeaeEdit

synonyms: Spinicalycium Fric (nom. inval.)
synonyms: Akersia Wikipedia:Buining, Bolivicereus Cárdenas, Borzicactella H.Johnson ex F.Ritter, Borzicactus Wikipedia:Riccob, Borzicereus Fric & Kreuz. (orth. var.), Cephalocleistocactus F.Ritter, Cleistocereus Fric & Kreuz. (orth. var.), Clistanthocereus Backeb., Demnosa Fric, Gymnanthocereus Backeb., Hildewintera F.Ritter, Loxanthocereus Backeb., Maritimocereus Akers, Pseudoechinocereus Buining (nom. inval.), Seticereus Backeb., Seticleistocactus Backeb., Winteria F.Ritter, Winterocereus Backeb.
synonyms: Acantholobivia Backeb., Acanthopetalus Wikipedia:Y.Itô, Andenea Fric (nom. inval.), Aureilobivia Fric, nom. inval., Chamaecereus Britton & Rose, Chamaelobivia Y. Itô (nom. inval.), Cinnabarinea Fric ex F.Ritter, Echinolobivia Y.Itô (nom. inval.), Echinonyctanthus Lem., Furiolobivia Y.Itô (nom. inval.), Helianthocereus Backeb, Heterolobivia Y.Itô (nom. inval.), Hymenorebulobivia Fric (nom. inval.), Hymenorebutia Fric ex Buining, Leucostele Backeb., Lobirebutia Fric (nom. inval.), Lobivia Britton & Rose, Lobiviopsis Fric (nom. inval.), Megalobivia Y.Itô (nom. inval.), Mesechinopsis Y.Itô, Neolobivia Y.Itô, Pilopsis Y.Itô (nom. inval.), Pseudolobivia (Backeb.) Backeb., Rebulobivia Fric (nom. inval.), Salpingolobivia Y.Itô, Scoparebutia Fric & Kreuz. ex Buining, Setiechinopsis (Backeb.) Wikipedia:de Haas</small>, Soehrensia Backeb., Trichocereus (A.Berger) Riccob.
synonyms: Binghamia Britton & Rose, Pseudoespostoa Backeb., Thrixanthocereus Backeb., Vatricania Backeb.
synonyms: Gerocephalus F.Ritter
synonyms: Zehntnerella Britton & Rose
synonyms: Brachycalycium Backeb.
synonyms: Floresia Krainz & F.Ritter ex Backeb. (nom. inval.), Haageocactus Backeb. (nom. inval.), Lasiocereus F.Ritter, Neobinghamia Backeb., Peruvocereus Akers
synonyms: Eriocereus (A.Berger) Riccob., Roseocereus Backeb.
synonyms: Eomatucana F.Ritter
  • Mila Britton & Rose
synonyms: Arequipa Britton & Rose, Arequipiopsis Kreuz. & Buining, Morawetzia Backeb., Submatucana Backeb.
synonyms: Aylostera Speg., Bridgesia Backeb., Cylindrorebutia Fric & Kreuz., Digitorebutia Fric & Kreuz., Echinorebutia Fric (nom. inval.), Eurebutia Fric (nom. inval.), Gymnantha Y.Itô, Mediolobivia Backeb., Mediorebutia Fric (nom. inval.), Neogymnantha Y.Itô, Reicheocactus Backeb., Setirebutia Fric & Kreuz. (nom. inval.), Spegazzinia Backeb., Sulcorebutia Backeb., Weingartia Werderm.
synonyms: Meyenia Backeb.

Subfamily MaihuenioideaeEdit

Subfamily OpuntioideaeEdit

Tribe AustrocylindropuntieaeEdit

Tribe CylindropuntieaeEdit

synonyms: Marenopuntia Backeb.
synonyms: Peireskiopsis Wikipedia:Vaupel (orth. var.)

Tribe OpuntieaeEdit

synonyms:Airampoa Fric, Cactodendron Wikipedia:Bigelow, nom. inval., Cactus Lem., Chaffeyopuntia Fric & Wikipedia:Schelle, Clavarioidia Kreuz. (nom. inval.), Ficindica Wikipedia:St.-Lag., Nopalea Salm-Dyck, Parviopuntia Wikipedia:Soulaire & Wikipedia:Marn.-Lap. (nom. inval.), Phyllarthus Wikipedia:Neck. ex Wikipedia:M.Gómez (nom. inval.), Salmiopuntia Fric (nom. inval.), Subulatopuntia Fric & Schelle, Tunas Lunell, Weberiopuntia Fric

Tribe PterocacteaeEdit

Tribe TephrocacteaeEdit

synonyms: Puna Wikipedia:R.Kiesling
synonyms: Pseudotephrocactus Fric,

Subfamily PereskioideaeEdit

synonyms: Peirescia Zucc. (orth. var.), Peireskia Wikipedia:Steud. (orth. var.), Perescia Lem. (orth. var.), Rhodocactus (A.Berger) F.M.Knuth
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